• Turning the Page and Building on Success in 2015

    Well, 2014 is just about dead. That means it’s time to lay out all of the resolutions we’re making to ourselves for the year ahead. Except I don’t have any “resolutions,” but rather several loosely-connected objectives that I now have 365 days to complete. No pressure, right?

  • Six-Word Review: 2014

    After the colossal flaming bus full of orphans slamming headlong into a water tower of lemon juice that was 2013, you’d think 2014 would be better by default, right? Hah! For a solid eight months my 2014 continued to get worse, and worse, and worse… then things changed.

  • I’ll Be Home for Christmas, Eventually

    This is the time of year where we gather together with our families and celebrate love, life, and happiness with the people who matter to us most… or so the plan is. Unfortunately for me, I’ve not had the chance to do that in quite a while.

  • Remembering Ralph Baer…

    “The Father of Video Games,” Ralph Baer, has died. He was a lifelong inventor, seeing hundreds of his creations reach the marketplace. However, he is most remembered for two: the digital electronic game Simon, and the Magnavox Odyssey – the world’s first video game console.

  • Rain

    Growing up in Michigan, the changing of the seasons was something I always looked forward to. Living in California, where every day is allegedly “perfect,” I find myself missing the overcast skies, rolling thunder, and torrential downpours that remind me so much of a home I will never be able to go back to.