Don’t Call it a Comeback: Random Update of Randomness, Vol. 2

Christ it’s been a while since I’ve updated this thing. You see, when you’re hit by a fuckin’ car and have your wrist broken, your ability to write proficiently is cut down significantly. So, as I warned you in my previous post from back in July, I wouldn’t be updating for a few weeks.

It went longer than anticipated.

But I’m back, and good lord has “stuff” occurred. Where to begin… oh! I know! I lost my job!

As you may or may not know from my Twitter, about a week and a half ago (September 16th, 2013 for people reading this in THE FUTURE!™) Red 5 Studios went through a round of layoffs as they restructure, reorganize, and retool in preparation to relaunch Firefall. When the dust had settled close to 20 people were let go, including the company’s Senior Narrative Designer (my boss and, now, good friend), Lead PvP Designer, a few artists, and a handful from their Stage 5 TV endeavor.

I am a man of many thoughts about both my time working on Firefall, and my departure from the project. I’ve already stated what I thought of their “press release” regarding the matter, and one day, when the story of Red 5 Studios reaches its inevitable conclusion, I’m sure I’ll have more to say. However, I will say that the development team, under the guidance and leadership of “los dos Scotts” (Scott Youngblood and Scott Rudi), was the single most talented group of designers, programmers, and artists that I have ever had the privilege of working with.

In more upbeat news, my cast is off! While I still have to wear a brace whenever I’m not either A.) Writing, B.) Showering, C.) Eating, or D.) Exercising, I am now afforded the freedom of movement to return to working as I was before. This will be great for all the cover letters I’m about to write!

I purchased, played, and completed the main storyline for Grand Theft Auto V. While I loved the overall plot, some of the dialogue hurt my heart. Additionally, I wish there were more storyline missions after the end of the “main” story. So far I’ve come across one, and I think there are others that unlock when you collect certain items or buy certain properties. BUT… I love it.

I also love Disney Infinity, which is calling to me. I’ve not had the chance to really play too many games since I had my cast on. Hopefully, when I’m not looking for work, I can get back to all of that.

My dearest friend is in Texas for three weeks. This, combined with the unemployment, has left me bored beyond what I can even comprehend. Sure, the job hunt has taken up a lot of my time, but… come on. If anyone tells you that looking for a job is “fun,” they’re liars.

That’s all I’ve got for now, party people. I promise to have more updates moving forward – because I like y’all like that.