Lost in the Woods (of Words): Random Update of Randomness, Vol. 3

It’s been a bit since I’ve updated the blog, so I figured I’d let you guys know what was going on. This won’t be a long post, so don’t worry about changing into your “readin’ pants.” Although if you’re feelin’ saucy…

Anyways, moving on.

Why have I been so quiet of late? For starters, I’m still looking for full-time employment. This has taken up much of my time, as I spend my days punching up cover letters for different companies. I admit that I’m being a little picky about the opportunities I pursue; I want something that I feel will challenge me, but will also be rewarding. A younger me would’ve started chuckin’ his resume at any company he thought he could fill a position in, but now I find that the (slightly) older, (slightly) wiser me is picking and choosing. I’ve fired off my resume to a handful of companies, and I can say that on some level I want each one. They all provide unique opportunities to learn new skills, hone existing skills, and/or work on exciting new projects. I can’t say for sure where I’ll land, but I know that wherever it is I will be excited to go back to work.

Because, frankly, the worst part of being between jobs is the utter soul-consuming boredom that I’m feeling as I wait on an email or a phone call that may never actually come.

In other news, The War on Christmas chugs along. I’m currently chugging on the “First Draft,” which is actually the second draft. “Draft Zero” was a stream of consciousness exercise that laid the groundwork for the story to be built upon. This draft, the “First Draft,” is me building the frame to the house, while the “Second Draft” (third draft) will be where I lay the wiring, the plumbing, and everything else. Then I’ll unleash it on unsuspecting friends and a few select beta readers (they’re like beta testers, but for words), gather their thoughts, and apply said feedback as necessary so that this literary house I’m building doesn’t burn to the ground the first time Mikey gets his hands on some matches.

By the way, don’t you give no matches to Mikey. Trust me.

Finally, to touch on a topic I’ll be discussing in more detail at some point in the future: I’m in a curious emotional position. As wounds slowly heal (eww, scabs!), and scars fade (emotional Nadinola FTW), I find myself slowly coming to grips with some interesting truths about the person I am, and the person I want to be – and I’m having a hell of a time coming to grips with the fact that I’m coming to grips with these truths. Does that make sense? Probably not. But sometimes the most fun things in life are the things that don’t make sense.

…except for Connect Four. That’s pretty straightforward – and a lot of fun.

There you go – a brief update on what’s going on. My apologies for not being more exciting, but alas… unemployment is boring as hell. If you want to make it less boring, Ask Me a Question. Because, seriously… bored… stupid…