MaximusPaynicus is Dead…

…not literally, of course. I mean, hell, you’re reading this right now which would indicate that I wrote it, clearly showing that I’m still at least somewhat alive. What I mean by “MaximusPaynicus is dead” is that it’s time to move on – at least to some degree.

I started going by that name back in November of 2002. I had just turned 15 and thought everything I was doing was utterly badass to the Nth degree. Now, being in my mid-20s and actually doing things that are badass to the Nth degree, I wish to go on doing things that are badass to the Nth degree. Not to say that referring to myself on this blog as “Max” would hinder that, but c’mon – after a while it stops being fun hiding behind some online alias.

This is why the URL you see up top is “,” not “” (which will shortly be redirecting to this blog, though that will continue to be used as the primary email address for people wanting to get in touch w/ me). This is why I decided to start fresh with a new webspace, with a new look and new feel that came thanks in no small part to Mana Drake (who is still working on things, so expect some changes in the next few weeks), who has repeatedly put up with my vague and generalized descriptions of what I want my webspace to look like.

Seriously – her patience with my balderdash on these matters is quite impressive… or maybe I just have zero patience. Whichever.

So, what can you expect to find here? That won’t be changing much. I’ll still rant and rave about life, discuss cinema and my love of bad movies, talk about the challenges of writing and writing about games, and I swear to god I promise to get back to the stories about my dentist visits. I’m up to part four, but I just haven’t published ’em. I’m sure you can imagine that ever since my current employers made this announcement, I’ve been somewhat busy.

Oh, yeah – I’ll also be using this space to publish short stories, essays, and endless hype whatever books I’ve either written or co-written (like the Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia from Dorling Kindersley publishing, available now from AmazonBarnes & NobleBooks-a-Million, and other fine publishing outlets *sparkle smile*).

Now obviously I won’t be dismissing the alias everywhere. I’ll still be going by it on Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network. It’ll stay my screenname on Twitter (mostly because there’s a doofus squatting on @JamesBJones), and as I said earlier, I’ll still be using the email to keep in touch with you vultures wonderful and wonderous people vultures.

Wait, what was I talking about? …oh! Right. Welcome to my new site.