Firefall is a free-to-play first-person shooter which drops you in the boots of an elite member of a specialized task force tasked with fighting back an inter-dimensional invasion and reclaiming Earth for humanity.

After the planet was ravaged by a barrage of asteroids in an event known as the Firefall, Earth was plunged into a nine year winter that saw society bend to its absolute breaking point. It was in this desolation that humankind would find its salvation in the discovery of Crystite, a rare alien mineral that could be used as a powerful source of energy. Earth’s greatest scientific minds pooled their resources together, and ultimately cracked the code.

Crystite ushered in a technological golden age, with its zenith being Earth’s first Faster-Than-Light starship, the CMS Arclight. Unfortunately, the Arclight’s maiden voyage would end in disaster. A critical failure in its engine system tore a hole in the fabric of space-time, allowing a being known only as The Melding to spill through and engulf the globe, unleashing untold monsters on the unsuspecting planet.

From the chaos, two factions emerge. One side, the remnants of Earth’s government led by an Ahab-like commander, wage an increasingly brutal campaign to wipe every trace of the Melding from the planet. The other, a group of scientists and gifted humans, work to stop the military’s slaughter of the Chosen and work to cure them of this cosmic corruption and restore their humanity.

As you fight to retake the world, lines will be drawn and friends will be lost. Will you side with Bathsheba and the Affinites to restore the Chosen’s humanity, or will you stand with Admiral Nostromo and the Accord to rid the world of the Melding and its puppets once and for all?