Blade & Soul

I had the privilege of working with NCSOFT to write their upcoming MMORPG, Blade & Soul. Set in a fantasy martial arts world heavily influenced by wuxia-style storytelling (think Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), Blade & Soul places players in the shoes of a young martial artist who embarks on the hero’s journey; meeting new friends, battling powerful foes, and ultimately saving the world.

I was heavily involved in building the narrative world of Blade & Soul, as well as writing the game’s second act. In it, the player locks horns with one of the game’s primary antagonists: a megalomaniac with delusions of grandeur, and the army to back him up.

I’ll expand on my role with the writing team as NCSOFT releases more details about the game. After all, I would rather not spoil their party (or violate my NDA) by leaking story details before the game’s launch.