About James


James B. Jones is a writer, author, and narrative designer who has committed himself, for better or worse, to exploring the untamed creative frontier that is storytelling in video games. Some of his credits include Star Wars: The Old Republic, Blade & Soul, and the upcoming Sniper Ghost Warrior 3.

In an earlier time, James was a news man (he refuses to use the term “journalist,” despite having gone to school for it) who covered the video game industry. For three years he served as the Editor-in-Chief of Binge Gamer, and acted as the EiC for 1PStart and the Founding Editor of Xbox 360 Rally. He also covered science news as the Managing Editor of Gearfuse, because science is kick-ass.

Now, before that James served in the United States Army. That is a thing that happened. Let’s move on.

James is one of the authors of the Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia for Dorling Kindersley Publishing, and is currently working on his first novel. He’s also hard at work on three potential comic series, a radio drama, and a series of essays about life and work during his decade-plus career in video games.

He likes to keep busy.

James hails from Detroit, Michigan, though he currently resides in the perpetually sunny Los Angeles, California. When he isn’t writing, reading comics, or playing Overwatch, James can usually be found strolling around Disneyland, watching Supergirl, or agonizing over how unjust and unfair the universe is by cursing him to be a fan of both the Detroit Tigers AND Detroit Lions.

Also, I rarely ever refer to myself in the third-person but this felt like it needed to sound “proper,” so… yeah.

TL;DR: I sometimes poop.