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Firefall was a free-to-play MMOFPS from Red 5 Studios, featuring highly-stylized artwork and an emphasis on group combat set against the backdrop of a sprawling story. After a freak accident involving Earth’s first faster-than-light starship, a tear in the fabric of space-time allows a being known only as “The Melding” to spill into our reality. It engulfs the globe, twisting those caught within it into beasts who call themselves “The Chosen.” The few vestages of humanity which remain split into two camps. One, led by am Ahab-like commander hellbent on revenge, wage an increasingly brutal campaign to wipe every trace of the Melding from the planet. The other, a group of scientists and gifted individuals, work to stop the military’s slaughter and work to cleanse the Earth of the Melding’s corruption without losing what it means to be human. As a member of ARES, you are caught in the middle and the actions you take can have planetwide consequences.

I was a writer and narrative designer who worked on several iterations of the game during closed and open beta. During this time I wrote over three hundred missions for the game, as well as thousands of words worth of backstory and world lore. I also assisted in the design and implementation of a unique form of mission spawning system that allowed players to have individually-cultivated experiences while remaining in a persistent shared environment, as well as wrote a short story series for the Firefall website.

It was also during this period that myself, along with Lead Game Designer Scott Youngblood and Lead Narrative Designer (or “Story Shepard,” as Red 5 insisted on calling him) Richard Pearsey, laid out a five-year narrative roadmap for the game.


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